Prime Minister must clarify renewables position

A public attack on Scotland’s offshore wind energy sector by Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson has been condemned as “disgraceful”, and has sparked calls for the Prime Minister to clarify his party’s position.

Despite the jobs and investment that is being delivered to communities across Scotland by offshore renewables, Mr Stevenson attacked the industry in the strongest possible terms.

Scotland is home to 25% of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal power potential and 10% of Europe’s wave power potential, giving the offshore renewables sector huge potential for growth.

SNP MSP John Wilson has written to Prime Minister David Cameron calling on him to clarify his party’s position on renewables following Struan Stevenson’s outburst.

Commenting, SNP MSP John Wilson who is the deputy convener of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee said:

“This is a disgraceful attack on jobs and investment by the Tories. Scotland has massive renewables potential with about a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind and tidal power and a tenth of its wave power.

“That natural windfall is delivering much needed jobs and investment to communities the length and breadth of Scotland and the UK. Not content with the appalling damage they are doing to the economy, the Tories apparently now want to scrap renewables jobs too.

“This is the fastest growing industry providing a much needed economic boost and jobs to communities. The UK Government’s own figures show that a green energy will help reduce energy bills as opposed to a business as usual approach by the Tories.

“With our natural competitive advantage we should all be getting behind the renewables industry rather than launching ill thought attacks on this clean, green and reliable source of energy.

“Our huge natural resource as well as Scotland’s historic legacy in the energy industry, Scotland is well placed to thrive in delivering safe and secure clean, green energy across these islands.

“It is bad enough that Tory cuts are hitting our communities and holding back recovery without an attack on this economic success story.”