Level crossing announcement is campaigner victory

Moves to spend up to £4 million on installing barriers at every open level crossing in the Highlands, is being hailed as a hard-worn victory for campaigners.

Scotland currently has 23 open level crossings and this funding will see Network Rail install either innovative mini-barriers or full sized barriers at each location.

SNP MSP Dave Thompson has been at the forefront of efforts to bring barriers to Scotland’s remaining open crossings, to make the tragic accidents that have occurred in these locations a thing of the past.

Commenting, SNP MSP Dave Thompson said:

“Over the years these dangerous open crossings have tragically claimed the lives of too many people. It is absolutely right that this money is spent on improving the safety of level crossings across the Highlands.

“Residents of communities across the Highlands have been campaigning for a long time to bring in these essential safety measures, and the announcement that they have achieved their goal is fantastic.

“Every accident on a level crossing is one too many and this investment will help to secure Scotland’s place as one of the safest in Europe when it comes to level crossings.

“The rail industry and its partners have come up with an innovative and affordable solution, and that is something they should be congratulated on. This is a hard-worn victory, but is one that will beyond any shadow of a doubt save lives.”