Lady Steel's backing shows independence momentum

The revelation that Lady Judy Steel, the wife of senior LibDem and former Presiding Officer Lord David Steel, will be voting for an independent Scotland in 2014 shows the head of steam the Yes campaign is building up.

Today’s Daily Record (Saturday 04 August) quotes Lady Steel as saying “I have always believed in Scotland as an independent country”.

Lady Steel’s public support for an independent Scotland comes following a recent Panelbase Poll which showed that when given a choice of the status quo, more devolved powers or an independent Scotland, independence was the most popular choice.

Lady Steel goes on to say that her support for an independent Scotland is rooted in her admiration for Scotland’s Scandinavian neighbours.

Commenting, SNP MSP Alasdair Allan said:

“I am delighted that Judy Steel has chosen to make her long standing support for an independent Scotland public.

“Support for an independent Scotland clearly transcends party boundaries, with people across all sections of society enthusiastically signing Yes Scotland’s declaration.

“With a recent poll showing that independence is the most popular of the three constitutional options currently being discussed, there is a clear sense of momentum building towards a yes vote in 2014.

“Like many other people in Scotland, the example of what our near neighbours in Scandinavia have been able to achieve as small, independent nations has clearly inspired Judy Steel’s belief in what Scotland can do with the powers of a normal independent country.”