Labour at sixes and sevens on health plans

Following reports that Labour council leaders are planning to use
today’s Convention of Scottish Local Authorities meeting to rebel
against Scottish Government health and social care policies the SNP is
calling on Labour’s Health Spokesperson Jackie Baillie to come clean
and detail a vision for health and social care.

Labour are now saying there is no need for a legislative framework but
that is exactly what they called for in the Scottish Parliament in
December last year.

Jackie Baillie’s said she: “welcomes the Scottish Government’s
acceptance of the need for legislative underpinning.” And that Labour
will “work with it to ensure that any future system of social care is
fair and robust”.

However, her party in councils across the West of Scotland are at odds
with this promised spirit of cooperation.

By their own admission, a senior Labour source is quoted in The Herald
and warns of “cutting off their nose to spite their face”.

Bob Doris, Deputy Convener of the Health Committee, said:

“The Labour Party is shamelessly politicking on this matter. The
admission that they are “cutting off their nose to spite their face”
is shocking – it is up to their Health Spokesperson Jackie Baillie to
rein in these councillors and make clear exactly who is in charge.

“Labour contradict themselves by saying there is no need for
prescriptive legislation and then calling for greater clarity on
detail. They are at sixes and sevens and can’t even work out what
their own policy is.

“Prominent Labour councillors including Bill Butler, Frank McAveety
and Stephen Curran stood in 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections on
the ticket of supporting a National Care Service – much of which has
been integrated into Scottish Government policy – but now as
councillors they are opposed to it.

“The opposition have a responsibility to contribute to policy
implementation which will help move Scotland Forward but now Labour
hypocrisy is being used to hamper that very progress the country

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