Labour rattled over Davidson row

The Labour leadership in Scotland faces fresh embarrassment following the publication today of further comments from Ian Davidson MP, in which he continues to make personal attacks against BBC journalist Isabel Fraser.
Safe in the knowledge that the Labour Party won’t rein in his personal attack on Ms Fraser and the BBC, Mr Davidson’s latest claim, “I was clearly being set up by someone for an ambush” has been described by the SNP as “nonsensical”.
After again refusing to apologise for his abuse, Mr Davidson has now claimed that Isabel Fraser was either “incompetent” or was part of a “conspiracy”
The SNP’s Sandra White, who has already written to the Labour leader in Scotland asking for her to discipline the MP, said:
“The Labour Party in Scotland is becoming increasingly desperate and Ms Lamont's inability to speak out on this won’t help her party’s stagnant ratings in the polls one bit.
“Johann Lamont and the Labour leadership will be privately very embarrassed over Mr Davidson’s hostile manner and his bizarre claims on Newsnight Scotland, but their public shoulder-shrugging reveals how rattled they are.
“For Ian Davidson to accuse anyone else of bias – after his supposedly impartial committee produced a completely one-sided report – is frankly ludicrous.
“Labour continue to back the Tories in an anti-independence pact which offers nothing to the people of Scotland so is little wonder their party ratings are languishing, while the SNP poll higher than we did in last year’s landslide Scottish Parliamentary election result.
“Mr Davidson’s anger has spread from his perceived BBC bias to the other guests, despite it being both routine and reasonable for Newsnight Scotland to invite experts on the show without scrutinising their every detail.”
The Panelbase poll for the Sunday Times and Real Radio Scotland surveyed 1,012 adults in Scotland between 11th – 17th July 2012.
When the three constitutional options are asked alongside each other, independence is the most popular:
Independence: 30%
More devolution: 29%
Status Quo: 28%
A TNS poll taken earlier this month showed the following figures:
Party support breakdowns are as follows (with changes from the May 2011 election in brackets)
Constituency Vote
SNP: 47% (+2%)
Labour: 32% (n/c)
Tory: 12% (-2%)
LibDem: 6% (-2%)