Jackson Carlaw must withdraw false leaflet


The SNP have criticised a leading Tory in Scotland for distributing leaflets which are deliberately misleading people about the availability of Abiraterone, a new treatment for prostate cancer.

Mr Carlaw, the Tory Health Spokesperson, issued leaflets in Largs this week - days after the drug’s approval - stating:

“The Scottish Medicines Consortium, the body the Scottish Government use to approve new medicines, refused to allow the first new treatment for prostate cancer, Abiraterone to be prescribed to patients in Scotland through the NHS.”

Kenneth Gibson, MSP for Cunninghame North, which covers Largs, said:

“This is truly irresponsible stuff from the Tories, who are attempting to mislead people and undermine the NHS in Scotland for their own petty gains.

“Mr Carlaw must have known weeks ago that this drug was going back for approval in August, yet chose to make this a central part of his leaflet.

“Thank goodness Scotland’s National Health Service is already effectively independent and safe from the steady privatisation of healthcare being carried out by Mr Carlaw’s Tory colleagues south of the border”

“The Tories’ unpopularity in Scotland is continually reflected at the polls and no wonder frankly.

“Jackson Carlaw should withdraw this leaflet immediately and apologise for any unnecessary distress that this misinformation has caused.”