Embarrassment for Treasury over job description

A job description for the new Treasury anti-independence spin doctor states that they are not looking for somebody who can think professionally, manage resources, achieve results or appreciate people.

The job description lists which competences are and are not required, revealing a surprising range of traits which the Treasury does not consider necessary for the role.

The new role which will only exist until the referendum on an independent Scotland will include a £50,601 salary.

Commenting, SNP MP Pete Wishart said:

“Given the disastrous decisions by the Treasury nobody will be surprised that they actually advertise for people who don’t think professionally, don’t appreciate people, can’t manage resources and don’t achieve results.

“If they find an applicant without all these attributes they will certainly fit in with the current Ministerial team!

“Instead of employing an anti-independence spin doctor for Scotland, the Treasury should create a post to analyse the impact of the UK Governments damaging cuts and tax hikes on the Scottish economy and households.

“The disastrous policies of the Tory/Lib Dem Treasury are a perfect illustration of exactly why Scotland needs to secure job-creating powers with independence.”