Embarrassment for Labour over border booze plan


A South Scotland MSP has said the leadership of the Labour Party must move quickly to distance themselves from members of the Labour group on Northumberland County Council, who have suggested the authority set aside cash to entice Scottish drinkers with an advertising campaign for discounted alcohol. 

Paul Wheelhouse, SNP MSP for South Scotland, said: 

"This is an utterly irresponsible idea from Labour, there are far better ways for a council to use their time and money than by promoting the sale discounted alcohol. 

"Northumberland is a wonderful part of England, rich in historical provenance and blessed with natural beauty that would attract any visitor. It would be far better for councillors to promote that than to think cut price booze deals are what will bring Scots tourists across the border. 

"This embarrassment for Labour must be nipped in the bud by shadow public health minister Diane Abbott who has already called on the UK government to follow Holyrood's lead and explore minimum pricing."