Aberdeen UTG vote "a dark day for democracy"

Commenting on this evening’s vote by Aberdeen City Council – in which Labour, Lib Dem and Independent Councillors voted to abandon the Union Terrace Gardens project which had been approved by the people of Aberdeen via referendum – while still trying to keep the TIF funding – Aberdeen Central MSP Kevin Stewart said:

“This is a dark day for democracy. Councillors have ignored the wishes of the majority of Aberdonians who voted in favour of the City Garden Project in the recent referendum.

“While Dundee City Council is scouring the country for their waterfront development, Aberdeen City Council has rejected one of the greatest philanthropic gestures ever.

“Councillor Boulton’s amendment is an undeliverable fudge, which has rejected the current, sound TIF business case and rejects the substantial private sector contribution. She previously said she could not back a TIF bid because of the risks involved - and now she and her Labour colleagues have backed a plan which is even riskier.

“This is nothing short of complete financial incompetence.

“It is somewhat ironic that the administration’s policy paper talks of listening to the views of citizens, of winning the City of Culture bid and achieving sustainable economic growth, as in casting their votes today they have done exactly the opposite.”