Aberdeen Labour administration must resign

SNP Group Leader Callum McCaig has today called on the Labour-led administration at Aberdeen City Council to resign, in the wake of a massive backlash against its decision to abandon the Union Terrace Gardens project

Scrapping the 140million-pound project - which had already been approved via referendum by the people of Aberdeen - has cost the City at least £55million in private investment. In addition, the Council will now have to reapply for TIF funding from the Scottish Government on a much less attractive project - despite the Labour administration previously saying that TIF was "too risky".

Business leaders have laid bare the extent of the damage caused to Aberdeen's reputation to such an extent that the Labour-led group's position is now untenable.

Commenting, Mr McCaig said:

"This shambolic administration have been in power for only a matter of months but they have already turned the City Council into a national - and international - laughing stock.

"But there is absolutely nothing funny about the consequences for the local economy. Stewart Milne is absolutely right when he says that this decision has set Aberdeen back ten or fifteen years.

"Labour may have won the most Councillors in Aberdeen in May, but let's not forget they didn't win the most first preference votes. By any measure, they had absolutely no mandate to overturn this democratic decision.

“Labour campaigned in the referendum – so they accepted that it was a legitimate democratic process. For them to now try and claim that it was rigged is frankly pathetic.

"I've spoken to people who were against the proposal but respect the fact that the majority of people are in favour of it, and thought that the project should go ahead.

"Barney Crockett - who has bizarrely compared himself to Winston Churchill - has cost this City at least £55million in lost investment, and has sent out an absolutely terrible message to potential investors looking for certainty in difficult economic conditions.

"We had a huge opportunity to transform the City Centre - but Labour put their own cheap political point-scoring ahead of everything else. Their complete lack of vision for the City has been exposed, as has their inability to lead the council responsibly. They even hid behind Independent Councillors for this vote. That’s not leadership – that’s cowardice.

“Having lost the faith of the public and the business community - and ridden roughshod over the will of the people - Labour’s position is now completely untenable and it’s time for them to do the decent thing - move over and allow a fresh administration to try and rebuild some of the dreadful damage they have inflicted on the city."