Lamont position - "an insult to democracy"

SNP MSP Kevin Stewart has criticised Labour following Joanne Lamont's wish to scrap the City garden Project which the people of Aberdeen voted for.

The Labour leader in Scotland has no alternative plan for the Union Street Gardens plan which was approved in a referendum by a majority of over 4000 votes by Aberdonians.

Mr Stewart, The MSP for Aberdeen Central, said:

"It is astonishing that Johann Lamont refuses to accept the result of a fair and transparent vote on the Granite Web proposal. Indeed, her position is an insult to democracy.

"It really is time Labour grew-up and accepted the result of the referendum.

"The people of Aberdeen now have the chance to vote SNP and back the plan which will enhance Aberdeen's standing as a vibrant modern European city or to follow Labour and their disregard for democracy back into the dark ages.

"Labour councillors also face a choice - they can accept the result and play their part in what will be a great development for Aberdeen or they can follow their unpopular leader by digging their heels in.

"If they opt for the latter and continue with their unwavering negativity then hey will pay a heavy price for this at the ballot box."

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