Economist cover a "disaster for anti-independence"

The SNP has condemned The Economist magazine’s front cover which mocks-up a map of Scotland as Skintland as “patronising, metropolitan claptrap”.

It re-names every community in Scotland in puerile, patronising terms even though its own copy reports that Scotland generates 10% of UK GDP with just 8.4% of the population.

Westminster SNP Group Leader Angus Robertson MP outlined how the cover was not only offensive to the people of Scotland but was out of sync with the article itself.

Mr Robertson said the negative imagery was a major setback for the anti-independence parties, as it destroys their claims that the anti-independence campaign is a positive one.

Mr Robertson said:

"This puerile and offensive front page is insulting to literally every single community in Scotland.

"It is patronising, metropolitan claptrap - the Bullingdon Club attitude to Scotland- which lays bare the true nature of Unionism: utterly negative.

"For a pro-Union, London-based magazine to portray Scotland and our communities in this patronising way is a disaster for the anti-independence parties.

"I trust that they too will disassociate themselves from it.

"The Economist's own inside article doesn't even reflect its ridiculous front page.

"As it says, Scotland is not subsidised from Westminster, the Scottish economy erforms better' than any other nation or region in the UK outside South-East England, and we account for 10% of the UK's GDP with just 8.4% of the population.

"The reality of Scotland is that with independence we would be the sixth-wealthiest nation in the developed world in terms of GDP per head, compared to the UK's sixteenth place; we subsidised the rest of the UK by £510 for every man, women and child in Scotland in the last year; and the oil and gas asset base in the North Sea is worth £1.5 trillion, with more tax revenues to come than have already been generated.

"How dare our community and our nation be decried in such an insulting manner - it tells us nothing about economics and everything about the insular, metropolitan bias of the anti-independence campaign."

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