Alex Salmond campaigns for 'jobs, jobs, jobs'

Campaigning on the final weekend of the Scottish Local Elections, SNP Leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond will press home the SNP’s message is one focussing on the creation of “jobs, jobs, jobs” whilst the opposition are left throwing “mud, mud, mud”.

His central message will be that every SNP council will be focussed on working to protect jobs and the economy and work alongside the Scottish Government to help people into long-term employment.

The latest figures show Scotland has the lowest unemployment and highest employment of any nation in the UK - and the SNP have a team of council candidates standing in every corner of Scotland determined to drive down unemployment further.

Mr Salmond will be out meeting voters in Fife and Glasgow and will point out that the SNP’s decision to stand 175 more candidates than in 2007 is a reflection of the Party’s confidence in its policy platform.

Commenting the First Minister and SNP leader said:

“Our message today is that SNP Councils will be can-do councils which can create and protect jobs, jobs, jobs for Scotland.

“Across Scotland we have the confidence to stand more council candidates than ever before, and they are supported by an unprecedented number of activists who are getting our message out. In contrast our opponents have been left throwing mud, mud, mud as with no answers to the SNP’s positive vision and nothing to offer the people of Scotland.

"People don't want their local council to spend its time bickering with the Scottish government, they want a council that will work in partnership. Every SNP council will be focussed on working to protect jobs and the economy.

"SNP councils will work with the Scottish Government to ensure every 16-19 year old has a learning or training opportunity, as we help them take their first steps into the world of work.

"Our no-compulsory redundancy policy will apply in all SNP councils, giving thousands of workers job security and the confidence to spend to support local jobs and businesses.

"Because the SNP Government has protected councils from the worst of the Westminster spending cuts, we are able to take forward key policies to make life better for families across Scotland.

“In the elections last year, the people of Scotland gave a huge vote of confidence in our record in national Government. On Thursday they can bring the same record and vision to their local council.”