Scotland of Prosperity

The SNP will today highlight the party's focus on jobs and the economy as we work towards a Scotland of prosperity in a party political broadcast this evening.

The broadcast which will air on BBC and STV tonight comes as the party releases the latest update on its activities in Government since May's election.

In tonight's film the First Minister will say:

"Right now our focus is on jobs, the economy and supporting families across Scotland.

"We’re keeping the Council Tax frozen. Because we know family budgets are tight.

"We’re introducing a learning and training guarantee for every 16-19 year old in the entire country. Because, in Scotland, there will be no lost generation.

"And we’re working hard to protect the gains already made under the SNP Government.

"That means keeping the 1000 extra police on our streets, police who have helped deliver the lowest crime rates in Scotland for 35 years.

"And it means continuing to reduce waiting times in our hospitals and making sure university education remains free for Scottish students.

"There is a lot more to do to secure the best future for our nation. We need new job-creating powers for our parliament, so we have the tools we need to prosper and grow the economy.

"I want a Scotland that is in charge of its own future. A Scotland where we speak with our own voice – and are free to do what is right for our families and our nation.

"That future is in our hands. Together, lets be the people who build a Scotland for the 21st century.

"A Scotland of prosperity.

"A Scotland of independence."

The broadcast will air at 1755 on BBC2, 1825 on STV and 1855 on BBC1.