Conference to hear roadmap to independence

Angus Robertson will today set out the roadmap to independence on the final day of the SNP's Conference in Inverness.

As the four day conference, the largest in the SNP’s history, comes to a
close with speeches from Education Secretary Michael Russell, Environment
Secretary Richard Lochhead and Finance Secretary John Swinney delegates
will hear more information about the party’s work toward independence.

Conference will also hear details of a bequest from Scotland’s former
maker, the late Edwin Morgan.

Speaking ahead to the final day of conference Director of the Independence
Referendum campaign Angus Robertson MP said

“With the limited home rule we already have – devolution – we have made
great strides forward. The political shape of our country has changed
radically in little more than a decade. We can now take many decisions in
Scotland, for Scotland.

“I believe that it is now time to take the logical next step – to move
Scotland on and grasp the opportunities offered by the independence other
countries enjoy.

“The more tools we have at our disposal, the more we can do to protect all
that is important here in Scotland, and the more we can do to build a
better future.

“Independence will only happen when the people of Scotland decide
together. That’s why it is our choice as a nation. That is why, within
the lifetime of this Parliament, we are committed to holding a referendum
to give the people of Scotland the exciting opportunity to determine
Scotland’s future.”