Wales says yes to more powers

Welcoming the Yes vote in the Welsh referendum, First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond congratulated the people of Wales, and also contrasted the joint position of the Labour, Lib Dem and Tory parties in Wales in supporting a referendum and campaigning for more powers for the National Assembly, with the stance of these same parties in combining to block a referendum on financial powers and independence for the Scottish Parliament.
Mr Salmond said:
“I congratulate the people of Wales on their decision to move the powers of the National Assembly forward – it is a great result for the people and for the party of Wales, Plaid Cymru.  The Yes vote will ensure that the National Assembly is far more responsive to the needs and ambitions that the Welsh people have for their nation.
“The referendum result also highlights the hypocrisy of the London parties – the Tories, Lib Dems, and Labour – who all supported a referendum in Wales and all campaigned for more powers, yet blocked the right of the Scottish people to choose financial responsibility and independence for Scotland.
“A re-elected SNP government in May will be in a powerful position to secure passage of a referendum, having successfully mobilised the people over the blocking tactics of the London parties.”
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