Achievements focus re-election campaign

Welcoming the SNP Conference’s support for a motion which encapsulates the SNP’s achievements in government the SNP’s Business Convener, Bruce Crawford MSP, said those successes underscored the campaign to re-elect the SNP Government and the policies the SNP would campaign on in the election.

Over the last 50 days the SNP has already set out key policies of a re-elected SNP Government including

•       Continuing the council tax freeze which has saved families over £300 for at least two more years

•       Protecting Scotland’s NHS with increases in spending on NHS resources every year for the next four years

•       Backing Scottish business with the £450 million Small Business Bonus for the next Parliament

•       Funding 5000 new council houses over  the next four years

•       Delivering the first 22,000 of the 100,000 jobs to come in Scotland’s low carbon industries by 2015

•       Backing our young people with 100,000 youth training places a year with 25,000 apprenticeships, 50,000 bursaries and 25,000 work training places a year

•       And in January alone over 3,000 jobs were supported or protected by the SNP Government working for Scotland.

As polling evidence shows voters across Scotland want to see the SNP re-elected as the government of Scotland for another four years.

The results in the IPSOS MORI opinion poll show 48% of people want to see the SNP re-elected as the Scottish Government rather than another party lead the Government.

Voters from all three main parties supported re-electing the SNP as did a large number of supporters of smaller parties.  A fifth of Labour voters backed an SNP government, whilst a third of Tories and LibDems wanted to see the SNP re-elected.

Commenting Mr Crawford, the MSP for Stirling, said:

“As Alex Salmond made clear, on his appointment as First Minister four years ago, the SNP would govern in the Scottish national interest appealing for support across the Parliament and outside it policy by policy.

“That approach, working with others to make Scotland better day by day, resonates with people in all parts of Scottish life and has helped us build a record of achievement, freezing the council tax, supporting small business, restoring free education, tackling climate change, creating a record 20000 apprentices and the coming abolition of prescription charges that meets the priorities of those we all represent.

“These achievements will underscore our campaign to re-elect the SNP Government. They show why people want the SNP Government re-elected and will be at the forefront of our efforts to show the SNP’s commitment to delivering a more successful and fairer Scotland.

“They show the vision we share with the people of Scotland for a future that reaches out to those who recognise that it is a strong SNP Government working for Scotland that can and will make Scotland better.”

“As polling shows it is voters from all parties that back the re-election of an SNP Government, along with voters from both rural and urban Scotland and across all ages. That is a positive judgment on our record of governing for and representing all parts of Scotland.

“Over the last four years we have worked hard with people across Scotland to make Scotland better.  Re-electing an SNP Government will see those achievements protected and that work, to make Scotland better continue, with Alex Salmond as First Minister and a strong Scottish Government working for Scotland.”


1. The motion as passed is as follows:


Conference hails the substantial achievements of the SNP Government, achievements that would not have been possible without the support of people across Scotland in May 2007; welcomes in particular: the freezing of the council tax, saving hard pressed families over £300; the phasing out of prescription charges leading to their abolition in April this year; the record low waiting times for NHS patients; protecting Free Personal Care and the free bus pass from UK Tory/LibDem cuts; the extra 1000 police put on the beat that has led to the lowest levels of recorded crime in 32 years; the saving of the accident and emergency units in Monklands and Ayr, cancer hospitals for children and neurosurgery units in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and maternity services at Vale of Leven and Inverclyde – keeping healthcare local; the abolition of the graduate endowment – a tax on learning; the building of 330 new schools across the country, 80 more than planned by the previous administration; a record 20,000 new apprenticeships in the last year alone; an increase in nursery entitlement by one fifth; the building of 15,000 new homes, including kick starting council house building; the introduction of the most ambitious climate change legislation in the world; a record number of renewable projects given the green light; the removal of tolls on the Forth and Tay Bridges and the creation of the small business bonus to reduce or abolish business rates for 80,000 small businesses; considers that these achievements within the confines of the devolved settlement demonstrate what Scotland could achieve with the powers of a normal independent nation; recognises that, despite the limits placed on Scotland as a result of savage cuts by the Tory/LibDem UK Government, the SNP has the record, the team and the vision to deliver a more prosperous and fairer Scotland; and asks the people of Scotland to work with us once again to build on and protect the progress that has been made by the SNP Scottish Government.
Conference also hails the teamwork of a dozen SNP-led councils and 360 councillors across the country whose front-line work has delivered our policy goals by building the thousands of affordable houses, building the hundreds of schools, reducing class sizes in key years, making community policing effective through local wardens, bolstering social care to our growing numbers of elderly and vulnerable and demonstrating street by street to the people of Scotland just how inept the dead, self-serving hand of Labour had been at protecting, let alone developing our communities, all against a background of 6% in efficiency saving of public money that has better prepared our local services to weather the difficult days we now face.

Initial motion proposed by:
Bruce Crawford MSP, Business Convener
Angela Constance MSP

Second paragraph proposed by:

Cllr David Berry, NEC Elected Member
Cllr Grant Thoms, Local Government Convener

2. Details of the Ipsos Mori Poll of 1000 people between 10th and 13th February 2011-02-18

i. The Scottish National Party has led the Scottish government since the elections of 2007. Regardless of how you intend to vote personally in the forthcoming election, do you think the SNP should be re-elected as the government for the next four years, or do you think a different party should lead the next Scottish government?  (Certain to Vote)

SNP 48%
Another party 44%
Don’t Know 9%

ii. A breakdown of the questions shows:

•       Amongst Labour voters a fifth (20%) want to see the SNP re-elected

•       Amongst Tory and  Lib Dem voters around a third (31 and 32% respectively) want to see the SNP re-elected

•       A third of voters (31%) for “other” e.g. smaller parties want to see the SNP re-elected

•       Amongst SNP voters a solid 94% want to see the SNP re-elected

In Urban and Rural Scotland more people back the re-election of the SNP than another party

Urban areas: SNP 49% Other 45% Don’t Know 6%
Rural areas: SNP 45% Other 44% Don’t Know 11%

Across the age categories the strongest support for re-electing the SNP government is amongst students and the over 55’s.

18-24 age group: SNP 56% Other 37% Don’t Know 7%
55+ age group: SNP 50% Other 43% Don’t Know 7%