32% of LibDem support want SNP re-elected

Last night’s Barnsley Central by-election humiliation has totally overshadowed the LibDems' Scottish conference in Perth today (Friday), says SNP Campaign Manager Angus Robertson MP, and has raised further questions about whether the LibDems can hold on to their Scottish Parliament vote in the coming election – particularly since polling shows nearly a third of LibDem voters back re-electing an SNP government.

The humiliation comes as polling by Mori reports that “they face an uphill battle to win back voters” in the Scottish Parliament elections as well as face the prospect of losing support to the SNP from those who want the SNP Government re-elected.

Commenting Angus Robertson said:

"We are two months from Scotland's election and a third of Lib Dem voters already want to see an SNP Government led by Alex Salmond re-elected.

"The SNP's values of fairness, equality and a better greener future for Scotland are resonating with an electorate that is horrified by the decisions of Scottish LibDems in London.

Lib Dem voters are backing an SNP Government that has fought for fairer fuel prices, has restored the principle of free education, supports real powers for the Scottish Parliament and continues to be opposed to nuclear weapons on the Clyde and new nuclear power stations in Scotland.

“Last night's election disaster for the LibDems was yet another example of how they have got it so wrong in supporting a Tory government and its cuts programme. This result will hang over this weekend’s LibDem conference in Perth like a dark cloud

"A quick glance at opinion polls in Scotland shows voters no longer find it possible to put their trust in the LibDems and are now looking to an SNP Government to protect the values they support.

“By-elections and polling show that the LibDems will be squeezed in this election and that it will be a clear choice between an SNP government on the side of the people or a hypocritical Labour party who put immature political opposition before the interests of the people of Scotland.”


1. Polling showing nearly a third of LibDem voters back the re-election of an SNP Government.

a.  The Scottish National Party has led the Scottish government since the elections of 2007. Regardless of how you intend to vote personally in the forthcoming election, do you think the SNP should be re-elected as the government for the next four years, or do you think a different party should lead the next Scottish government?  (Certain to Vote)

SNP - 48%
Another party - 44%
Don’t Know - 9%

b. A breakdown of the questions shows:

* Amongst Lib Dem voters around a third (32%) want to see the SNP re-elected

[Ipsos Mori Poll of 1000 people between 10th and 13th February 2011]

2. An Ipsos MORI briefing reports that:

“Our February poll of voting intention for the Scottish Parliament shows that, in line with our UK-wide polls, the Liberal Democrats’ share of the vote has fallen considerably over the last year, particularly since the General Election in May 2010. As a result, they face an uphill battle to win back voters in both the constituency and regional list votes. The poll also shows that Tavish Scott, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, has the lowest satisfaction rating among the leaders of the four main parties.”



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