Poll shows election is 2-horse race

Welcoming the latest opinion poll from TNS published in the Herald, which shows the SNP increasing our share of the vote from the 2007 election - and increasing our share of the vote in TNS polls over the last six months by 4% across the constituency and 5% across the regional vote, with 20% of voters still to make up their minds - as well as showing the severity of the collapse in Lib Dem and Tory support in Scotland, SNP Campaign Director and Moray MP Angus Robertson said:

"This is a positive poll for the SNP which shows us improving on our election-winning 2007 vote, increasing our vote since last summer, and building momentum as we head toward Scotland's election in May.

"In the week since this poll was taken the SNP has spearheaded a campaign for a fuel duty stabiliser to tackle the most pressing issue facing Scotland's businesses and families - a policy Labour oppose and that the Tories and Lib Dems have reneged on.

"And the SNP Government has brought in nearly 1,000 new jobs to Scotland with Amazon and generated millions of pounds of investment in Scotland's economy, securing jobs and building our renewable energy industry through our partnership work with China.

"In 2007 support for the SNP delivered a council tax freeze, an end to prescription charges from April this year, the small business bonus to help our high streets, over 1000 more police on the streets bringing crime levels to a 32 year low, over 15,000 new affordable homes and the abolition of tolls on the Forth and Tay Bridges.

"With Scotland's election just over 100 days away voters of all persuasions, including former LibDem and Tory voters will see the choice between an SNP Government with a strong track record of delivery, the ambition and ideas to work together through the tough times ahead and a team of respected leaders who can defend Scotland's interests against a negative, unambitious and inexperienced opposition."

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