2011 and still no Edinburgh trams

SNP MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville has again asked TIE when Edinburgh’s tram line is expected to be up and running.

The last formal date given by the tram company was February 2011.

Signs (see attached) previously covered Leith Walk saying TRAMS: TAKING YOU TO WORK IN 2011.

Despite publishing a new business case which admitted the line will now NOT go to Leith Walk and will only reach St Andrews Square no new date has been given for completion of the line.

Ms Somerville said:

“It is clear to anyone that the tram will not be running in 2011 – even TIE and the Labour, Lib Dem and Tory tram alliance can see that.

“Edinburgh’s Trams certainly won’t be taking anyone to work in 2011 and I’d be surprised if they are taking anyone in Edinburgh anywhere in 2012 either.

“This has been an annus horribilis for Edinburgh’s tram project and the people of Edinburgh are paying the price.

“Residents of Leith knew TIE were having a laugh when they put up the signs saying the tram would arrive in 2011.  Now they know the tram will never arrive on Leith Walk.

“The tram project was behind schedule and over budget at the start of 2010.  This New Year let’s have some honesty from TIE, a fresh start and answers to some key questions – starting with when will the tram be running?”


On December 9th TIE issued a revised business case stating that phased delivery was their preferred way forward – building a tram line only from the airport to St Andrews Square.

The attached image shows a tram sign on Leith Walk (outside Scottish Youth Hostel on cnr of Annandale St and Leith Walk)