Economic recovery & job creation a priority

Commenting on today’s joint declaration to the UK Government by the First Ministers and Deputy First Ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland calling for increased capital investment to challenge Westminster cuts and create jobs SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said it showed how the SNP was working hard to make a better Scotland whilst Labour in Scotland remain mired in negativity and mud-slinging.
Today’s declaration sees the First Ministers call on the UK Government to ensure that economic recovery and job creation remains a priority alongside helping households by:
* Investing in infrastructure
* Expanding access to affordable finance for small and medium sized businesses
* Counteracting rising fuel and transport costs
Today’s declaration comes as the SNP’s focuses on jobs and family finances with news this week that the SNP in Government has supported the creation or safeguarding of 3,635 jobs in January.
Commenting Mr Gibson said:
“Today’s declaration shows Alex Salmond is focussed on addressing the priorities of the Scottish people – jobs, economic recovery and the problems facing businesses and households from ever rising fuel costs.  The SNP in govt is working with others to make a better Scotland and a better relationship between the peoples of these islands.
“In these tough economic times – and as we face swinging Westminster cuts imposed by all the London parties - the SNP Government is focussed on delivering jobs and backing business, investing in construction to protect jobs and recovery, working with partners to bring in new business, backing home grown firms through the small business bonus and supporting growth industries like renewable.
“Only just over the last month 3,635 jobs have been protected or supported with help from a Scottish Government led by Alex Salmond.  While the fall in UK growth shows the dangers of the Tory’s decision to slash spending early.
“Today’s statement shows Scotland has an SNP Government using every tool at its disposal to boost jobs, growth and help Scotland’s economy   “That’s why in this week’s budget and at this year’s election it is the SNP Scottish Government working for Scotland and working to make Scotland better.”
Details of the Joint Declaration can be read here.

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