Concern over nuclear subsidy plan

SNP Westminster Energy spokesperson Mike Weir MP has expressed concern at the publication of plans by the UK Government to introduce Contracts for Difference as part of electricity market reforms – Mr Weir described the proposal, which will provide a guaranteed price, as “yet another sop to nuclear generators”.

Commenting Mr Weir said:

“Chris Huhne has moved from an arch critic of the nuclear industry to its chief cheerleader. The proposals to introduce contracts for difference is simply another disguised subsidy to the industry and makes a mockery of his repeated assurance that nuclear would not receive any public subsidy.

“The effect of such contracts will be to provide a guaranteed price to nuclear generators and if that is not a subsidy what is?  This is yet another sop to nuclear generators who will certainly be raising a Christmas cheer to the Secretary of State.

“The attitude to nuclear stands in stark contrast to the slashing of Feed in Tariff rates which will decimate the solar power industry, and which could have played a significant part in building a new green industrial base."