SNP say no to tuition fees

The SNP today restated the party's opposition to tuition fees after a new report suggested the Lib Dem and Tory Government could put fees in England up to over £6000.

Speaking on the BBC Scottish Education Secretary Michael Russell said:

"Scotland has a different way of doing things.  What we won't do is have upfront tuition fees."

The SNP abolished the Labour/Lib Dem backdoor tuition fee in 2007 and has reintroduced grants for part time students to boost student support.

Commenting on the future of higher education funding, the UK Government's support for tuition fees and the Green paper being produced by the Scottish Government to look at the future of higher education Mr Russell said:

 "I accept there will have to be major changes in

Scotland in higher education, I think we all know that after the Labour mismanagement of the economy."


However there isn`t any one solution, there are a range of solutions that will change the cost base of higher education.


"My desire is to have a long term Scottish solution. What I want to do is I want to keep the quality of the system at a world beating high and find the right way to make it last in the longer term.

"We have involved everybody in Scottish higher education in that task and we've got a chance of getting this right in a uniquely successful way."