Labour’s McConnell in deal with Tories

Former First Minister Jack McConnell has damned Labour’s election chances – as it has been revealed he is in talks with the Tories over keeping his globetrotting job under a Tory Government – abandoning both the Labour party and the people of Motherwell and Wishaw.

His concern for his own future, which has included meeting William Hague, over his party’s comes on the same day it has been revealed a series of Labour MPs have offered themselves for hire to lobbying companies. Commenting on Mr McConnell’s wrong priorities SNP MSP for Central Scotland John Wilson said:

“This shows the lack of confidence Jack McConnell has in a Labour victory at Westminster and why Scotland’s voters need strong local champions not typical politicians.

“How can Labour ask anyone in Motherwell and Wishaw or even in Scotland to vote for them when their local MSP is already cosying up to the Tories.

“Jack McConnell has undermined Labour’s election and undermined Gordon Brown’s leadership of the Labour party.

“The voters of Motherwell and Wishaw are being reminded once again that they are being represented by a part-time MSP, who is happier to jaunt around the world than he is dealing with issues in his own constituency.”


Details of Mr McConnell’s talks with William Hague can be found here and here.

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