Championing high speed rail

SNP Campaign Conference in Aviemore has today (Sunday) passed an emergency topical resolution urging the UK Government to make extending high speed rail to Scotland a priority, not an afterthought.

Commenting on the motion which passed by acclaim, SNP candidate for Glasgow North Patrick Grady said:

“High speed rail to Scotland is a vital and necessary prospect which offers the best solution to transport problems between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

“The ability to travel between Scotland and London in as little as three hours would revolutionise travel in the UK and bring significant economic benefits to Scottish communities."

SNP MSP for Glasgow Anne McLaughlin added:

“To invest in the rail link would also be to invest in a sustainable environmental future by reducing the number of damaging short haul flights.  The proposal to stop the line at Birmingham would make no dent in short haul air travel and drives coach and horses through the UK Government’s own emissions targets.

“Only the SNP will champion Scotland’s interests at Westminster and fight for a rail network that serves the whole of the UK."


The text of the resolution which was passed by acclaim is as follows:


Conference deplores the announcement by the UK government of High Speed Rail plans which only detailed proposals to Birmingham and then eventually to Manchester and Leeds; notes that this amounts to 335 miles of track around England at a cost of £30bn when 400 miles and £34bn would have brought the line to Scotland; believes that the Scottish economy will be further disadvantaged by these proposals and that the environment benefits of HSR will not be felt unless the line extends to Scotland; believes that the UK Government will only revise its plans with pressure applied by more SNP MPs.

Pollokshields Branch
Anne McLaughlin MSP, Elected Member
Patrick Grady, Elected Member

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