Tories plan to leave Scotland in the dark

Angus MacNeil MP has today hit out at comments made by the UK
Minister in the Sunday Express, in which he admits that the Tory/Lib Dem
Government are considering the option to change time zones in order to
those in the South of England.


In his remarks, MacNeil, MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar, has
possible safety concerns for young children travelling to school in
hours of
darkness if this change was to take place.


Angus MacNeil MP said:

"Once again this is the Tories pandering to voters in the
forgetting about those in Scotland and the North of England. David
Cameron said
he wanted to ‘change’ the United Kingdom. Playing with clocks does not
improve the country.


“If we were to move to 'double summer time', as being
suggested, for two months of the year nowhere North of Manchester would
sunlight before 9am - that is lunacy in my opinion and would likely have
implications for school children.


“Lib Dem
MPs from Scotland – especially those who claim to
represent the interests of far north of the country – must say whether
support this proposal to plunge their constituents into darkness.


"My suggestion is that we move to a more symmetrical
changing of
the clocks either side of midwinter, thus making winter shorter and
British Summer Time.


“The people of Scotland rejected the Tories. If the Tories
want to
reject Scotland then they should give the people the option of running
own affairs in a referendum”.