MP hits out at Glasgow redundancies

SNP MP for Glasgow East, John Mason, has hit out at the UK Government for letting Glasgow and Scotland down after it was announced the Student Loans Company (SLC) was set to make 150 people in the city redundant and move 45 jobs to Darlington.

The SLC is a private company which is formally established as a non-departmental public body of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills – part of the UK Government.

Commenting, Mr Mason said:

"The UK Government has let Glasgow and Scotland down. Just a few months ago, Prime Minister Gordon Brown was promising ‘jobs for all’ – now his Government is making people redundant.

"These jobs are going because the UK Government altered the agreement between the Student Loans Company and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. UK Government Ministers should hang their heads in shame.

"Any redundancies are a blow but this announcement comes at a crucial time - as the Scottish economy is beginning to turn a corner."

SNP MSP for Glasgow, Sandra White:

"Instead of laying people in Glasgow off, the UK Government should make sure the Student Loans Company transfer jobs from Darlington to Glasgow and not the other way round.

"This is a UK Government agency consigning workers in Glasgow to the dole queue at precisely the wrong time."


1. Speaking in Glasgow on Friday 7th November 2010, Gordon Brown said: "I want to see a situation where, not only do we give you new opportunities in education, but we create an economy where there are jobs for all."

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