Brown's paranoia revealed by former staffer

Reports have emerged today that Gordon Brown used a secret stash of Labour Party money, which were never declared in accounts, to try and oust previous Prime Minister Tony Blair.

News of the stash, and the secret on-goings of the Labour Party have been made public by former Labour general secretary Peter Watt, who tells of the serious of fall-outs with Tony Blair during Brown’s quest for power. In one such incident Brown even threatened to oust Tony by revealing sleaze about the administration.

Commenting, SNP MP Angus MacNeil said:

“This once again highlights the mistrust at the heart of the Labour party. If they can’t even trust each other, how are the people of Scotland expected trust them.

"We’ve seen expenses, cash for peerages, the Iraq war and a host ofther acts of deception by the people meant to be running the country. It is no wonder that the United Kingdom is in such a dire state financially when the man charged with running our economy was firmly focused on one thing, ousting Blair and clinging to power.

“Brown’s paranoia appears to grow worse and worse, obsessed with nothing but holding to power as long as possible regardless of the harm it does the country.

“In contrast, the Scottish Government is focused on supporting Scotland through economic recovery and delivering the policies that matter.”