Big Brother star joins SNP

Independence is the only way forward for Scotland said Mikey Hughes, runner up of Big Brother 2008 as he confirmed he had joined the Scottish National Party.

Mikey - who wants to work with the party to promote independence to Scotland’s young people - also hosts a programme on Insight radio, a station for blind and partially sighted people.

Mikey Hughes won a Sony Award for his work with Insight. Speaking from his home in Kilwinning, the TV star said:“I believe the SNP are the only party putting Scotland first.


“I can’t wait to get started working with the SNP to inspire Scotland’s young people to get into politics and to back independence for a better future.  


“Standing in the Glasgow North East by-election really brought home the problems Scotland faces as part of the union.  It is ridiculous that with all Scotland’s oil wealth ordinary people are still struggling to heat their homes or are living in poverty.  


“Independence is the only way Scotland will really fulfil her ambitions and build a strong economic future for our young people.

“For too long, Labour and the UK Government have been ripping off Scotland.  The next generation must not face the same problems as this one.  With independence they will have real control of their future and of Scotland’s future.” 

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