More trams troubles raises more questions

Commenting on reports in the Sunday Herald that three more senior staff have quit Edinburgh’s trams body - Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE) - with  allegations that the organisation is in “meltdown”, Lothians SNP MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville said:
"I am deeply suspicious that these people are leaving before the full facts are put to the council next week. TIE appear to be in meltdown. Who is handling this project and does anyone at TIE have a plan to fix the problems at the tram project?
“The trouble at TIE seems to be getting worse. It seems they are losing their staff as well as their disputes with the contractor.  TIE must be open and tell us if these people have simply left or if they have been pushed as a result of the problems with the contractor.  That one of the people to leave was in charge of risk and insuring the project raises real concerns about what has been going on in the negotiations.
“With crunch decisions on the future of the contract coming up there will now be real concerns over who is in charge of the project and who is providing the expertise that is needed to sort out the mess TIE have made of Edinburgh.”
The article can be read here.

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