Labour at sixes & sevens over police forces

Labour have once again shown their inconsistency and lack of ideas as Iain Gray’s plans for a single police force come under attack from within his own party.
Labour MP for Dunfermline Thomas Docherty  has attacked the idea of reducing police force bureaucracy to protect frontline services – despite Labour’s Holyrood leader Iain Gray emphatically saying that Labour want to scrap all local police forces.
SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell – a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee – today said Labour had no idea how to deal with the difficult issues facing Scotland’s police and public services.
He said:
“Labour are clueless.  They have no idea how to handle the challenges facing Scotland’s public services including our police forces.  Labour cannot even agree amongst themselves.  In contrast the SNP has put in place the funding to keep 1000 extra officers on the streets and made clear that we will put police officers before boundaries.
“Labour’s only plan is to put up council tax and bill every household £3000 for their unplanned and uncosted policies.  At a time when we must all look at how to run services differently and how to save money their approach is increasingly incompetent.
“Iain Gray tried to be bold with his plans on policing but that has backfired badly. Labour have no credibility left on police numbers and crime levels. It is the SNP which has delivered 1,000 extra police officers which has helped bring crime to a 32 year low and is determined to keep these police officers on the beat through tough financial times
“This is yet another example of how Iain Gray and his front bench are not up to the job of government. They are inexperienced, inconsistent and saying different things on different days to different audiences. If it is not police forces it is their support for the unfair Council Tax where they adopted three positions in as many weeks.“ 

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