Labour let down Scotland again

Commenting on David Miliband’s admission that Labour could be out of power for a long time in line with historical precedent, SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson said it was a timely reminder that Labour would let down Scotland's voters again - just like they did in the 1980s.
Mr Gibson added that it was the second time David Miliband had admitted Labour would leave Scotland at the Tories' mercy after previously saying that Labour will never form another UK Government unless it revives in southern England, making it clear that votes for Labour in Scotland are not Labour’s priority and cannot deliver a Labour Government in London.
Commenting, Mr Gibson said:
"Yet again David Miliband's comments show that Labour just take Scotland for granted and believe people in Scotland will meekly accept a London Tory government.
“Just like in the 1980s, Labour are taking their voters in Scotland for granted whilst doing nothing to minimise the impact of Tory and Lib Dem cuts on Scotland's economic future. And they arrogantly believe Scots will vote Labour whilst they sit back and let the Tories do the damage.
"The truth is Scotland has one Government too many and whether it's the Tories or Labour at Westminster, Scottish issues are well down the priority list.
"David Miliband has let the cat out of the bag: a Labour party in London will focus on South-east England for re-election and take Scotland for granted - regardless of how many years that will take.
"It is only the SNP that is focussed exclusively on the concerns of the people of Scotland and on working for economic recovery in Scotland, against the impact of Tory/Lib Dem cuts.”
Today's comments by David Miliband can be read here.
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