SNP Westminster leader address Plaid conference

SNP Westminster Leader, Angus Robertson MP, gave the fraternal address to annual conference of the SNP’s sister party, Plaid Cymru in Llandudno.

In his speech, Mr Robertson looked to the forthcoming UK election and said that only a strong nationalist voice at Westminster could protect Scotland and Wales from the spending cuts which both Conservative and Labour Governments would inflict.

In his speech Mr Robertson said:

"[Both] the Tory and Labour Parties are following a cuts agenda. In Wales and Scotland the only protection is a strong Plaid Cymru and a strong SNP - the only parties that always stand for Wales and Scotland.

"At the next Westminster election we need to elect a record number of Plaid and SNP MPs to form a Celtic Bloc, a block on cuts and services like the NHS, a block on financial attacks to the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Governments and strong force in the Westminster Parliament that stands up for the real priorities of people in Wales and Scotland.

"Recent polls in Scotland have shown that when people think about who will stand up for their best interests at Westminster the SNP came out streets ahead. I have no doubt that when people think about their vote in Wales as polling day approaches they will conclude that Plaid Cymru is the best way to protect their communities, families and children."

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