Delivering on a safer Scotland

Scotland is getting safer under the SNP with a new report showing the progress that has been made in the last two years.

The Scottish Crime and Justice Survey  shows that more people in Scotland think the crime rate is decreasing in their local area compared with previous years.  Figures out today also show a 17% fall in firearms offences in the last 12 months.

Commenting on today’s publications SNP MSP Angela Constance said:

“The SNP said it would deliver on a safer Scotland and this survey along with the release of further statistics on firearms offences shows that our approach is working. We are not complacent but all politicians should be welcoming a reduction in the fear of crime which can debilitate communities.
“The reality is that recorded crime is at its lowest level for nearly 30 years, there is a lower risk of being a victim of crime in Scotland compared to England and Wales, and we have record numbers of police officers protecting Scotland’s communities.  
“We promised 1,000 extra police officers and we have delivered more than 1,000 extra police officers. The delivery of that promise is obviously seeing a greater level of confidence in our criminal justice system and a safer Scotland.

“Today’s survey also puts an onus on the opposition parties to explain why they continue to try and undermine the hard work of our police and prosecutors by scaremongering about levels of crime.

"Creating a safer Scotland was a top priority for the SNP in the 2007 election and we are doing that by taking action focused on cutting crime and reducing the fear of crime.”

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