Scotch secretary on rocks over whisky spelling

SNP Shadow Scotland Office spokesperson Angus MacNeil MP has mocked the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy for misspelling the name of Scotland’s national drink.


In the headline of a press release about improving Scottish whisky labelling and branding posted on the Scotland Office website, whisky is spelled in the Irish and American way with the letter “e”.


Commenting Mr MacNeil said:


“This is more than a bad spell for Jim Murphy; it represents the lack of care his government shows to our whisky industry.  He claims to want a distinct Scottish whisky brand but uses the Irish/ American spelling.  He also calls for clear labelling but his department can’t even spell the name of the product itself.


“At a time when the sector is struggling due to the 2% duty rise foisted on it by Labour’s Budget, Jim Murphy needs to pay more attention to this key industry. 


“Only last year Labour Ministers announced a record 17% in duty hikes, and now the pain continues. The whisky sector is one of the country’s key industries and this error is only representative of the lack of due care the UK Government gives to our national product.


“Jim Murphy may struggle with his spelling but it’s clear the Labour Government spells disaster for the whisky industry.”






1.  A link to the press release can be found here:


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