Labour Leader must come clean with public


Responding to the comments by Iain Gray that the Scottish
Government must fund the over-budget Glasgow Airport Rail Link in order for the
Labour group to support next year's budget, the SNP's Joe FitzPatrick has
challenged Iain Gray to find the cash for the project. 

Following funding cuts from Westminster, the Finance
Minister John Swinney was forced to find almost £500 million of

Member of Scottish Parliament's Finance Committee, Joe
FitzPatrick MSP said: 

"Iain Gray seems totally incapable of the simplest of sums.
He wants the Scottish Government to fund every project under the sun, despite
the fact his Government at Westminster is imposing unprecedented cuts. Iain Gray
needs to learn than you can't be irresponsible with the nation’s finances - his
pal Gordon Brown did exactly that and lead  us into the worst recession in 70
years. The SNP will not do that, we will always do what is best for the

"Steven Purcell has called for the scrapping of the Borders
Rail Link and Free School Meals - I know this SNP Government will not 'take food
from bairns mouths' in order to fund an unaffordable project. Mr Purcell seems
to have an agenda against Scotland's children having already sanctioned a mass
cull of Glasgow's Primary Schools.

"Iain Gray must now come out and say whether he also wants
to punish school children, scrap the Borders rail project, or if he can find
something else to cut, such as the new Southern General hospital or M74.  He
can't make threats and demands without putting forward his own plan.  He is
looking more and more ridiculous every day he makes these economically
illiterate and financially irresponsible remarks. "


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