Scots demand quick general election

The SNP today welcomed a poll in the Mail on Sunday showing nearly two thirds of Scots want a General Election.

The poll, by Scottish Opinion of 650 people between 15th and 20th May puts the SNP in a strong position to fight for Scotland’s jobs with a 16% lead over Labour.

The poll shows

• 60% of Scots want a general election

• As reported in the Mail on Sunday more people wouldn’t vote than would vote Labour - giving the SNP 32% to only 20% for Labour

• Excluding those not voting the poll puts the SNP on 43% to 27% for Labour with the Lib Dems and Conservatives on 11%

• If translated into seats at the next Westminster election the poll would give the SNP 48 seats (+42), to 8 (-33) for Labour and 3 (-9) for the Liberal Democrats.

First Minister Alex Salmond, who has called for a General Election after an immediate independent audit of MPs’ expenses and the introduction of Holyrood style transparency and accountablility to the Westminster allowances system, said:

"There can be no argument against the entire House of Commons submitting itself to a vote of confidence, or otherwise, from the people who elected them."

Commenting on the Mail on Sunday poll results SNP Depute Leader and Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said;

"The SNP in Government is focussed on protecting Scotland’s jobs and working for communities to secure a strong economic recovery.

"That hard work and effort is seeing results with investment in jobs, construction and new homes across the country.

"In contrast, the UK Government has become mired in controversy. While the whole Westminster system has ground to a halt, it is the SNP Scottish Government that is getting on with the job of protecting employment and delivering quality public services.

"It is essential the audit of MPs' expenses is completed as soon as possible, a Holyrood style system of transparency and accountability introduced at Westminster, and the people of Scotland given the opportunity to defend Scottish interests by electing a block of SNP MPs at an early General Election.

"The resignation of Speaker Martin may cause a by-election but it is ageneral election that voters want.

"As we head into the final full week of campaigning for the European election the SNP is taking nothing for granted and we will continue to work hard to win support as we work together with communities to protect jobs and ensure a strong economic recovery for Scotland."


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