Time for action on alcohol

Pressure to address the problem of alcohol in Scotland has increased after figures from Strathclyde police showed a major increase in domestic abuse around last weekend’s 'Old Firm' game and that everyone arrested was drunk.

SNP MSP Sandra White has previously obtained figures that showed an increase of 37% in domestic abuse cases on the day of the Scotland v Italy game in December 2007, with 64% of those cases alcohol related.

Ms White said;

“The latest figures from Strathclyde Police show the direct link between alcohol consumption, crime and cases of abuse.

“The 88% increase in cases of domestic violence is shocking and the fact everyone arrested was drunk shows the serious impact alcohol has on families across Scotland.

“Figures obtained last year showed that on the day of a Scotland game, when supermarkets laid on low cost promotions domestic abuse cases increased by 37% and the majority of those were alcohol related.

“We must tackle Scotland’s damaging addiction to alcohol.  These figures show it will not just benefit our health it will cut the cases of domestic abuse that blight many families lives.

"Increasing the price of supermarket booze and ending the deep discounting that sees a can of beer cheaper than a bottle of water will cut consumption and today’s figures show it could cut cases of abuse.

“Many of these cases of abuse will come from people sat at home, drinking all day as they wait for the match to come on. 

“There can be no excuse for failing to take action on alcohol and those parties who are failing to listen to the police and medical professionals but taking their lead from supermarket chains should look seriously at this evidence and consider their position.”

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