SNP backs your right to decide

Opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament tonight formed an "anti-democratic cabal" as Labour, Lib Dems and Tories voted against your right to decide Scotland's future.

The SNP believes Scotland's constitutional future should be a decision of the Scottish people and will bring forward a bill for a referendum on Scottish independence in 2010.

Commenting on tonight's disgraceful vote against democracy Constitution Minister Michael Russell said;

“This is a disaster for the unionist parties.

“To come together in this anti-democratic cabal shows contempt for the people and their right to choose Scotland’s future.

“The last time the London parties ganged up in this way was to force through the Edinburgh trams project – does anyone in Edinburgh or Scotland think they were right to do so?  They were wrong then, and they have adopted the wrong position now, because it is the right of the people – not opposition politicians – to choose Scotland’s future.

“Labour, Liberals and even some Tories have veered all over the place on the question of a referendum – if they are in the wrong place now, the chances are they will be in the right place next year.

“The economic downturn demonstrates the need for Scotland to have the economic muscle and financial powers to combat recession – therefore the need for Scotland to have the powers of independence are even more acute now.  That is a case we are very confident to take to the people – the London parties are running away from the verdict of the people.”

SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson who spoke in the debate highlighted the views of supporters of all parties that a referendum is the right way to decide Scotland's future. 

Mr Gibson said;

This vote by opposition parties was short term opportunism for no long term political  gain . 

"The opposition have just set themselves up against the people of Scotland. By denying the people of Scotland a free and democratic vote on their future they are saying they don’t trust the judgement of the people.

“That is an astonishing position for any party to take. It is the high minded politics of ‘we-know-best’. What sort of position is that for any political party?

“Along with all three parties’ policies to impose cuts running into the hundreds of millions the SNP will also be reminding the people of Scotland  that  no  other party  trust s  them to make their own decision on Scotland’s future.”

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