Public to elect local health boards

Members of the public will vote to elect their local health boards after Parliament backed SNP Government proposals for directly elected health boards.

As part of the plans 16 year olds will be given the vote for the first time in these elections.

Speaking shortly before Parliament passed the bill Cabinet Secretary for Health Nicola Sturgeon said;

"Elections to health boards are a crucial step in improving public confidence in the decisions made by boards, which spend billions of pounds of taxpayers' money.

"When vital services are at stake, it's absolutely essential that the voices of local people are listened to and the best way of achieving this is by actively involving them at the ballot box and in the boardroom."

Pilot elections will be held in two health boards with the public electing members to join local councillors and experts on health boards.  Health boards will have a majority of directly elected members - giving local communities a stronger say over their health care.



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