Presciption charges: the tale of two governments

Dr Ian McKee,SNP MSP for Lothians, today condemned Labour's approach to health as the UK Labour government increased prescription charges in England.

Prescription charges in Scotland will fall to £4 in April, in England Labour are increasing them to £7.10.

The BMA has today condemned Labour's approach and supported the SNP's position saying; "Abolishing prescription charges altogether is the fairest and the simplest option."

Dr McKee, SNP MSP for Lothians said;
"The SNP is delivering lower prescription charges in Scotland at the same time the Labour government is putting them up in England.  

"This really is a tale of two governments.

"With policies like this it is no surprise that the SNP is leading a popular government in Scotland while Labour's popularity in England is falling through the floor.

"As Labour expose their lack of ambition in Scotland, they fail people in England.

"The BMA is absolutely right - abolishing prescription charges is the fair way forward.  

"That's why the SNP has cut the price of prescription charges and will abolish them by 2011."