Labour 'without mandate or credibility' in Dundee

Dundee West MSP, Joe Fitzpatrick, has said that the city’s Labour-led administration “are without mandate or credibility” following the Maryfield by-election where the SNP gained a seat from Labour, and called on the administration to step down.

The SNP win brings the number of SNP Councillors to 14, while the current Labour-led administration comprises 9 Labour and 2 LibDem councillors with the support of 3 Tories – 14 in total and now equal to the SNP group.

Newly elected councillor Craig Melville recorded 48% of the vote in a humiliating defeat for Labour only a week after their party conference was held in the city and Gordon Brown praised the failing Labour council in his speech.


Mr Fitzpatrick said:


“At every election Labour are being swept away in Dundee, and the current Labour-led council administration are now without mandate or credibility. Labour should show some self respect and stand down.

“We are now at a watershed for politics in Dundee. The city faces real challenges following the announcements at NCR and Texol, and the latest SNP win shows that local people want a council that will work hard to keep Dundee's economy moving and bring new hope for the city.


“Just a week after Gordon Brown came to Dundee and claimed the city was in a "great state" Labour is losing control of the city.

“After his futile boats at the Labour conference last week Gordon Brown has been left humiliated. Labour now faces the prospect of only being in control of one city in the whole of Scotland.


“The news is not much better for the Liberal Democrats either. As their conference meets in Perth, it is clear they are making no electoral progress at all.”




1. The results of the first preference votes were:


SNP     1550    48%

Labour  1013    31%

LibDem  354     11%

Tory    224     7%

SSP     52      2%

Independent     35      1%

Independent     28      1%


2. The By Election in Maryfield Ward, called on the resignation of Labour Councillor Joe Morrow. Councillor Morrow’s resignation from the Council was rapidly followed by his resignation from the Labour party.


The SNP has been the largest group on the council since 2003 and gained an extra two seats in May 2007. They gained a further seat in the Lochee by election in November 2007 in a decisive victory with almost 50% of the vote, giving them 13 seats on the 29 member council.


The ruling Administration comprise 9 Labour and 2 Lib Dem councillors with the support of the 3 Conservatives. There is one Independent – Ian Borthwick.


3. In his speech last Friday Gordon Brown said:

'As you know I'm not long back from Washington DC and I said the people there that I couldn't stay long because I was off to Dundee,' said Brown.


'They asked, Dundee Michigan, Dundee Illinois or Dundee Oregon?

'I said the original Dundee. They asked what state was it in? It's in a great state, I replied. It's got a Labour council.'

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