Labour MP in forged letters scandal

SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP has said that the Labour MP for East Kilbride must make a statement publicly disassociating himself from fake letters that were sent to the local papers in his constituency defending his five paid jobs outside politics.
It was revealed in the News of the World today that letters by a “Tony Carlin” were not written by the gentleman in question. The letters defended the Labour MP after it was reported he had FIVE commercial jobs outside politics.
Commenting Mr Robertson said:
“People will be asking themselves who would have a motive to forge letters defending an MP’s financial dealings. It’s a total embarrassment for Adam Ingram.
“Adam Ingram should publicly disassociate himself from these forged letters by making a statement as soon as possible.
“He should also find out who faked these letters so that an apology can be made to Tony Carlin and the public of East Kilbride.
“There is obviously considerable discomfort in East Kilbride at the number of jobs Mr Ingram has taken up outside politics.”
1. The full report in the News of the World can be read here.

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