Independence, let the people decide!


SNP MSP and Chief Whip Brian Adam today welcomed
the Lib Dems call for more powers but contrasted it with their actions in
Parliament to try and prevent public discussion of what those powers should

As Tavish Scott this morning called for more powers
Mike Rumbles was calling for an end to discussion of the

Mr Adam said;

“Lib Dem support for more powers for the Scottish
Parliament is welcome, but their approach is unfortunate.

“On the one hand they claim the economy is too
important to allow people to discuss and debate the constitution and on the
other they are publishing plans for constitutional change.

"It seems they want more powers but no public say.
Even Lib Dem conference will not be allowed to discuss a referendum.

“As Tavish Scott admits, we need more powers to
tackle the economic problems we face as a result of Labour and the UK’s
recession.  That’s why it is so hypocritical of the Lib Dems to seek to bar a
democratic referendum which could deliver those powers.

“The Scottish Government has put forward detailed
analysis of the options for fiscal autonomy for Scotland – all of which show
that full fiscal autonomy as an independent nation would put Scotland in the
best position to ride out the current economic storm and build Scotland’s
economy for the future.

“The Calman Commission has ruled out the Lib Dems
federalist plans – a move that can only be seen as a snub to Tavish Scott and
the LibDems.  With their decision to vote against a referendum today they are
fast running out of options.

"Instead of fussing around trying to find
credibility for themselves in a discredited Commission the Liberal Democrats
should drop their current opposition to a referendum and join with the people of
Scotland in an open debate on powers for the Scottish Parliament and a public
referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future.”


1. Tavish Scott:  "We want powers for a purpose,
powers to help the Scottish Parliament fight the recession and protect jobs.
(Press Association, 5th March)

2. Mike Rumbles “We have made it clear the Scottish
government should end its obsession with the constitution and focus on
protecting jobs and boosting our economy” (Daily Mail, 5th