Conference proves Labour still in the doldrums

Angus MacNeil, shadow Scotland Office Spokesperson, has cited Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy's unremittingly negative speech to his Spring conference as proof that Labour remain firmly in the doldrums.

"Jim Murphy should have said three things in his speech.

"First, he should have apologised for the UK Government’s role in causing the recession. For 12 years, they have presided over the ‘age of irresponsibility’, resulting in the Downing Street downturn.

"Second, he should have announced the scrapping of Labour’s disastrous plans to impose £500 million of cuts each year in Scotland’s budget.

"And third, he should have said that Labour’s part-privatisation of the Post Office will be scrapped.

"That Jim Murphy did none of these things confirms that he is indeed the UK Cabinet’s man in Scotland.

"Rather than taking Labour forward, this unremittingly negative conference – almost entirely focussed on the SNP – was a reminder of exactly why they lost the last election.

"The SNP are entirely confident about taking our positive case for Scotland to be an equal and independent nation – with full economic and financial powers so that we can overcome the downturn – to the people in a referendum. It is Labour and the other London parties who are running away from the people’s verdict.

"Two years into government, and the SNP Government are ahead in the polls on the basis of our excellent record of policy delivery. This conference shows that Labour are still in the doldrums."

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