Commons debates team GB football threat

Speaking following the debate in the House of Commons on the possible creation of a GB Olympic football side and the threat that it poses to the national teams, SNP Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson, Pete Wishart MP, expressed regret at the absence of Scottish Labour MPs. 


Former Scotland Manager Craig Brown and representatives of the Tartan Army were in attendance at the Westminster Hall Members debate to make their opposition to Team GB known.


Mr Wishart said:


“The future of our national teams is far too important to be treated as a political football.

“The cut and shut creation of a GB side would endanger Scotland’s long term ability to compete in international football, and the UK government must ditch their crazy proposals and look at ways in which the situation can be resolved.

“We must allow no precedent that could be used against us in the future, and no reason or argument given by those who seek to change the status quo has addressed that.

“The SFA are opposed, the Tartan Army are opposed and the overwhelming majority of  football fans are all against Gordon Brown’s meddling team merger plans.

“Today it became plain that the UK Government are determined to arrogantly dismiss this chorus of opposition to their plans and plough on with their option of a team GB comprised solely of English players.

”If the UK wants football participation at the London Olympics, then let all the home nations compete. This is what happened in London in 1908. This is surely the sensible way forward that would do nothing to threaten our teams. It’s time for the UK Government to get on the right side on this issue.


“The future of Scotland’s national game must be assured.”

Commenting on the absence of any Scottish Labour MPs from the debate, Mr Wishart added:

“Yet again Scottish Labour have let the side down. This was an important debate on the future of Scotland’s national team, and there was not a Scottish Labour MP in sight.”