Positive about Scotland

A BBC Scotland survey has revealed that 41% of people in Scotland believe devolution has been good for Scotland compared to only 9% who thought it was bad. Commenting, SNP MSP and Minister for Parliament Bruce Crawford said it was an indication that people felt positive about the Scottish Parliament and, given the rise in support for the SNP, reflects the increasing support for the Parliament assuming more responsibilities.
The survey also found similar results on the issues of health and education.
Commenting Mr Crawford said:
"These results are very positive, and show that Scots have a high level of satisfaction in having more responsibilities for our affairs even when those are limited by the current constitutional restrictions.
“Given the SNP’s emphatic victory at the recent European elections, success in by-elections and soaring poll ratings for Holyrood and Westminster, it is clear that there is growing support for the Scottish Parliament to assume greater responsibilities
“The devolved Parliament has been a success and with the responsibilities of a normal, independent parliament, we will be able to deliver far more.
“The backdrop of the National Conversation also shows how the SNP’s clear policy of a referendum on independence is popular compared to the confusion in the Calman parties’ ranks.
“We saw that again today with Labour’s Lord Foulkes disagreeing with his own party leader over immediately devolving the powers Calman suggests and also not supporting the Calman tax proposals; whilst the Tories’ Margaret Mitchell opposed even devolving the Calman powers at all.
“There are obviously not only deep divisions between the Calman parties but within the Calman parties.
“In short, the entire constitutional debate is being fueled by SNP petrol and the SNP’s proposals are leaving the other parties trailing.”

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