University students better off under SNP

Figures on student enrolment show the number of university students fell as a result of the Labour administration.

SNP MSP Aileen Campbell highlighted today’s figures which show that enrolment figures fell for students who applied to university under Labour.

Labour’s education spokeswoman Claire Baker has branded the figures, the result of Labour’s administration "a very worrying development indeed".

South of Scotland MSP and member of the Education Committee said;

"These figures show that students were increasingly put off university under Labour.

"Claire Baker has scored a spectacular own goal – instead of checking out her facts she has admitted that Labour let down Scotland’s students.

"Students applied for university in 2007 facing the prospect of Labour debts. It is only as a result of the SNP Government’s early action to scrap the graduate endowment that they will no longer face that £2300 graduation fee.

"Ms Baker is right to consider this a worrying development – what students across Scotland can be thankful for is that with the SNP’s victory in 2007 education is once again based on the ability to pay and £30 million will now be invested in student support."

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