New nuclear reactor 7 times more hazardous

SNP Energy spokesperson, Mike Weir MP, has seized on a statement issued by Greenpeace who have uncovered evidence that waste from the European Pressurised Reactor (EPR), will be up to seven times more hazardous than waste produced by existing nuclear reactors thus increasing costs and the danger to health and the environment.

The evidence was uncovered in the environmental impact assessment report from Posiva, the company responsible for managing waste at the world’s first EPR under construction at Olkiluoto in Finland.

Commenting Mr Weir said:

"This assessment underlines why we must completely reject the development of dangerous, unnecessary and costly new nuclear power stations. It underscores why the SNP is right to oppose a new generation of nuclear power stations and the waste they will produce.

"Instead of taking the route of Labour’s obsession with nuclear power it further proves why renewables are the way forward.

“Under the SNP installed capacity of renewables in Scotland already exceeds installed capacity of nuclear power.  We can achieve secure, clean, low carbon energy by harnessing Scotland's vast green potential, tackling climate change without adding to the burden of toxic radioactive waste.
"The risks and uncertainties of nuclear power, in terms of waste disposal, decommissioning, security and health concerns, or cost, are now far too great – particularly at this time when we face economic uncertainty.
"Without nuclear power, Scotland has the natural resources to generate clean, green power. Harnessing that potential can meet our future energy demands several times over, while tackling climate change.
"There is more than enough green and renewable potential in Scotland to provide a diverse, low carbon electricity supply, so the argument that we need nuclear is totally redundant."


The full Greenpeace release on the environmental impact assessment report by Posiva can be read here.