Budget will bring £1.8 billion for Scotland

The SNP Government's budget will add £1.8 billion  to spending in Scotland next year if it wins Parliament's approval this week.

Ahead of the budget vote on Wednesday the SNP has warned parties that if the budget does not pass nearly £2 billion of increased investment will be lost.

 The £1.8 billion includes funds for tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency, freezing the council tax for a second year, scrapping business rates for over 120,000 small businesses and training 1000 additional police officers to improve safety on our streets.

The budget also includes £230 billion of investment in public infrastructure that will support 5000 jobs.

Ahead of the final budget vote on Wednesday an SNP spokesperson said;

"It is vital that Parliament passes the Budget on Wednesday, because at a time of substantial economic difficulty, we need to get every penny of public resources into the economy. I

"f Parliament followed the irresponsible lead of the Liberal Democrats and voted against the Budget, public spending in Scotland would be cut by £1.8 billion including all of the accelerated capital investment we want to bring forward which would have a deeply damaging impact on jobs and services.

"Minority government may be a challenge for the SNP, but there is also a responsibility on the Opposition. The people of Scotland will expect politicians of all parties to do all that they can to reach agreement on an effective Budget that will meet the nation's needs in these tough economic times.

"We believe we are presenting a good Budget for jobs and services tailored to help the process of economic recovery."


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